Survey: Local Governments Get Highest Approvals

A recent survey of public opinions on political leaders found that local government officials gain the highest approval ratings from citizens and voters. As reported in Governing Magazine online:

Historically, citizens typically hold better views of those governing closest to where they reside, hence the higher ratings for localities. However, the gap between how the public perceives state and local governments compared to Washington has further widened in recent years.

From the Pew Research site that conducted the study:

Even as public views of the federal government in Washington have fallen to another new low, the public continues to see their state and local governments in a favorable light. Overall, 4-15-13 #163% say they have a favorable opinion of their local government, virtually unchanged over recent years.

Read the full write-up from Governing.

Visit the Pew website for more survey details.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties