MACo Advocates for County Motor Fuel Tax Exemption

MACo Legislative Director Andrea Mansfield testified in support of SB 574 before the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee on February 20, which would grant county governments the same motor fuel tax exemption afforded to the State.  This legislation, sponsored by Senator Jim Robey, is one of MACo’s 2013 Legislative Initiatives.

The exemption sought would only apply to motor fuel purchased in bulk by a county and dispensed from a county fuel station for use in county vehicles. This legislation would provide some needed fiscal relief to county budgets.

From MACo’s testimony:

MACo believes this legislation promotes parity. Just as governmental entities typically do not tax one another based on sales or income, this same logic should apply to the motor fuel tax. Extending this current exemption would eliminate the requirement of one taxpayer-supported fund subsidizing another.