Senate Decides Against Making Committee Voting Sessions Available Online

A February 13 article announced the failure of a proposal that would have made Maryland Senate committee voting sessions available online.  Currently, the General Assembly now records its sessions and committee briefings and bill hearings and makes them available online.

The Senate Rules Committee on Wednesday voted down a proposed amendment to  Senate rules by Sen. Allan Kittleman, R-Howard, that would have required Senate  committees to webcast the crucial voting sessions, as the committee hearings  already are.  …

When he introduced the proposed change four weeks ago, Kittleman said he had  heard from constituents who wanted to listen to committee votes over the  Internet. “I think it would be another way to make it more transparent,” Kittleman said.  …

At the Rules Committee meeting, Kittleman got some support from two fellow  Republicans on the committee. But the proposal was rejected by the five  committee chairs and two vice chairs that make up the Democratic majority of the  11-member rules committee.

Senate President Mike Miller announced that the Rules Committee would review the practices of other state legislatures and look at ways to modernize the Senate’s processes and procedures.

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