Anne Arundel Council Challenges Rising Healthcare Costs

As reported in the Capital-Gazette, health care costs in Anne Arundel County are expected to rise over the next few decades, a situation the Anne Arundel County Council hopes to alleviate with legislative changes this term.  As reported,

A worker has to spend only five years on the county payroll to have health benefits and pension mostly paid by Anne Arundel taxpayers upon retirement — a practice criticized by some officials.

According to draft legislation, that threshold would rise to 10 years.

Costs of healthcare are anticipated to reached $67.1 million this year, and the county’s total yearly budget is only $1.2 billion, as reported.  Council Chairman Walker remarked on the legislative effort,

“It’s the fiscally responsible thing to do. . . We can’t afford to keep paying for retiree health care for someone who only worked for the county for five years.”

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