Public Service Commission Criticizes Interstate Process

As reported in the Baltimore Sun, Maryland’s Public Service Commission sent a letter of complaint to PJM Interconnection about its process in developing proposed changes to the electricity auction rules.  PJM Interconnection runs the regional electricity grid and makes proposals to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on electricity bidding.  Public Service Commission Chairman Doug Nazarian called PJM’s process “clandestine and exclusionary.”   As reported in the Sun, 

Nazarian said in an interview Wednesday that the commission was concerned that the new proposal would keep electricity supply tight and artificially raise prices, benefiting current power plant owners at the expense of consumers. But the commission’s letter of protest focused on the process.

“We were not informed of this and consumer advocates were not informed of this until after the deal was already cut,” Nazarian said. “It’s now being rolled out as a PJM proposal. … It’s going to go to the [Federal Energy Regulatory Commission] with the imprimatur and endorsement of PJM, which normally would preside over a much more open and transparent stakeholder process.”

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