Advocates Push for a “Balanced Approach” to Resolve FY 2013 Budget Shortfall

As reported by, public employee unions, nonprofits, and education groups are advocating for a “Balanced Approach” to resolving the FY 2013 budget deficit.

“Balanced approach” means balancing next year’s budget with its continuing billion-dollar shortfall not just with spending cuts but with more revenues: tax hikes. These include tax increases on millionaires, corporations, internet sales and a long list of consumer services, not to mention cigars and gasoline – a pretty inflammatory mix in all.

However, business groups have a very different view.

While teachers and social service workers agree among themselves about the need for more revenues, they might as well be speaking in foreign languages to chambers of commerce and other business groups, who see some of their members struggling to hold on through the recession.

The business community also has mixed views on a gas tax.  At a recent breakfast of the BWI Business Partnership, Senator James Ed DeGrange, from Anne Arundel County, asked how many members would support an increase in the gas tax and only four hands out of 150 were raised.

Senator DeGrange also shared –

that jobs putting people back to work in the private sector and transportation funding – along with balancing the budget — would be the focus of the upcoming session.


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