Garrett County Considers Zoning Requirements for Wind Turbines

A December 7 Cumberland Times-News article reports that the Garrett County Commissioners considered the regulation of wind turbines at a recent Commission meeting.  Faced with three new proposed wind turbine projects in the County, Commission Chair Gregan Crawford expressed concern over the lack of safeguards for county residents and suggested the County develop zoning laws to address the issue.     

“At any time I will enter into a motion to develop zoning laws that will regulate the propagation and proliferation of future wind projects in the county,” said Crawford, who also encouraged Commissioners Robert Gatto and James Raley to do the same. “Here is three more projects that are coming into our area. We need to start the dialogue on how we can control noise and flicker.”

In order to install wind turbines, companies just basically need grid authorization and a building permit, said Crawford.  …

In November, Crawford wrote a letter to Exelon President and CEO Christopher Crane noting that industrial wind power generation has been a contentious issue in the county, according to the Associated Press.

“The board does not support further industrialization of ridge tops until a prudent and reasonable public policy has been created and enacted that will provide protections to those who will be adversely impacted,” said Crawford in the letter.

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