Maryland Register Reverses Decision to Charge for Real-time Updates

A November 21 Maryland article discusses the decision by the Maryland Register to drop a plan to charge users for access to its online real-time updates after earlier reports in the press and an inquiry from a General Assembly member.

The Maryland Register, a state news publication that provides updates on state regulations, legal opinions and hearings, has reversed a decision to charge consumers for its real-time, online news. The policy reversal came after two articles and a legislative inquiry highlighted a new annual fee for consumers to view information the same day it was published.  …

The policy reversal took place shortly after published a story Nov. 7 confirming an abrupt, new fee imposed by the Secretary of State’s Office. Readers wishing to view the publication in real-time, would have had to pay a $190 annual subscription or wait five days after the bi-weekly publication date. An HTML viewing option was also eliminated for non-payers.

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