Baltimore County Council Discusses Early Retirement Proposal, Binding Arbitration

During work sessions held on October 11, the Baltimore County Council discussed an early retirement proposal that would save $14 million each year and legislation to provide binding arbitration to general county employees.  As reported by the Baltimore Sun:

The plan is intended to cut about 200 jobs from the county’s workforce of 8,000.
Not everyone who wants to retire early will be able to. About 1,100 general government employees could qualify, but county officials must first determine that a position can be eliminated without cutting services. A number of employees, including police officers, firefighters, social workers and public health nurses, aren’t eligible at all.

The binding arbitration legislation is the result of a voter referendum that was approved last year.

Kamenetz’s proposal, which his administration says would authorize binding arbitration at a reasonable cost to taxpayers, would limit it for general workers to salary and pension issues. They would not be able to use it for terms and conditions of employment, as police officers and firefighters can.

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