Washington County County Commissioners Pass FY 2012 Budget Without Increases to the Property Tax

Washington County Commissioners passed a $241 million Operating budget for FY 2012 that included revenue reductions due to a significant drop in tax revenues and cuts to departments, including funding to agencies that have not been cut in the past.  The capital budget of  $51 million is almost 40% lower than FY 2011.  According to the Herald-Mail , the operating budget is nearly 1 percent smaller than the current year’s budget as falling property assessments and state budget cuts put the squeeze on the government’s pocketbook.

“Even with these difficult issues and cost adjustments the County still presents a budget that maintains current service levels with no proposed increase in the property tax rates,” county officials wrote in a Budget Summary.

While the new budget is very lean, there were some increases in public safety expenditures for the new 911 radio communications system and inmate health care costs.

Twelve vacant positions were eliminated in the budget and participation in a county early retirement incentive will result in savings, even after the 11 positions are replaced, according to County Administrator, Greg Murray.

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