Carroll County Approved Operating Budget Includes 2-Cent Property Tax Rate Decrease

The Carroll County Commissioners have approved their FY12 operating budget, which includes a two-cent property tax reduction that will change the rate from $1.048 to $1.028.  A press release from the county outlines the budget highlights:

• A two-cent property tax rate decrease,
• A ten percent reduction in bonded debt by FY17,
• A restriction in growth of the operating budget,
• A reduction in planned capital spending
• The total budget for all funds is 14% lower than in FY 09.
• A $50 million reduction in capital budget decisions by Commissioners to achieve a more  affordable funding level.
• Commissioner action to move from the Maryland State Police Resident Trooper Program to the Sheriff as the County’s primary law enforcement will save millions per year after full implementation of the transition.
•The Commissioners sustained funding to all eight municipalities.
•The Commissioners increased funding to the Volunteer Emergency Services Association (VESA) to address pressure on Emergency Medical Services (EMS).
•The Commissioners funded a replacement Mt. Airy Middle School, but at a reduced level.
•The five member Commissioners Office is operating at a lower annual cost than the previous three Commissioner Board.

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