Harford County Executive Proposes Tight FY 12 Budget

According to a story in The Aegis, the budget proposed by Harford County Executive David Craig does not include pay raises or cost of living increases for county employees.  This is the third straight year for these actions.  There are no furloughs or layoffs, which were part of the budget two years ago.  The County Executive did not fund the full amount requested by the Board of Education which included a $24 million increase over the previous budget.  The increase was primarily for raises and cost of living increases.

In an earlier interview with The Aegis, Craig had said if the school system wants to fund the raises, then the superintendent and school board should find the money by applying spending cuts elsewhere in their budget. He suggested reductions in administrative and other professional, non-teaching staff would be a logical place to start.

The County Council can restore the schools’ funding request, however, Craig indicated that would require more cuts to the county budget or tax increases, or both.  The Council will review the budget proposal and hold public hearings in May and act on the budget by June 1.

Harford County Press Release-Proposed Budget

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