Debate on State Budget Goes To Conference Committee

The House and Senate have both passed their versions of the State’s operating budget for FY 2012, however, the two versions must be reconciled before the budget can be enacted.  A conference committee has been appointed to iron out the important issues and come to an agreement.    Members appointed to the committee are:

House Conferees-Delegate Norman Conway, Delegate John Bohanan, Delegate Tawanna Gaines, Delegate Melanie Griffith and Delegate Peter Hammen – Advisors -Delegate James Proctor,  Delegate Sheila Hixson,  Delegate Adrienne Jones and Delegate Wendell Beitzel

Senate Conferees-Senator Ed Kasemeyer, Senator Nathanial McFadden, Senator Edward DeGrange, Senator Richard Madaleno and Senator George Edwards – Advisors-Senator James Robey, Senator Verna Jones, Senator Ulysses Currie and Senator David Brinkley

As previously reported in the MACo blog, both the House and the Senate rejected a massive shift of teacher pensions, rejected a dismantling of Program Open Space and other transfer tax funded programs, but agreed to a substantial cost shift for administration of the pension system.  The Conferees will likely address reforms to pension and health care benefits for employees, and different approaches to revenues from the two houses.

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