Senate Moves Bill on Ambulance Service Reimbursements

SB 154, sponsored by Senator Richard Colburn, which would ensure that county and volunteer fire companies and rescue squads are receiving reimbursements for providing this service is moving favorably through the Senate with MACo supported amendments.

Depending upon the jurisdiction, these services may be provided by a local government, or a volunteer fire company or rescue squad.  Although some ambulance services may become a participating provider with a health network, they are not a member with every carrier.  If an ambulance company provides a service to an individual and the company does not participate in that individual’s insurance network, the insurer typically sends payment to the patient who often fails to pay the ambulance service provider.  SB 154 would allow insurers to pay the ambulance providers directly to ensure they receive payment for their services.

The bill as amended provides that the ambulance service providers are reimbursed at appropriate rates.

HB 83, a bill with similar provisions will be discussed by the Insurance Subcommittee of the Health and Government Operations Committee on Thursday, March 24.



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