Maryland Office of the Secretary of State Hosting US-Balkans Business Summit

A formal business summit of Heads of State Government and industry leaders will be held in Baltimore, MD from March 23-24.  The US-Balkans Business Summit will be hosted by the Maryland Office of the Secretary of State, the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, and the US-Balkans Business Alliance, and will take place at the University of Baltimore.  The key industries to be highlighted in this summit are: energy, transportation, tourism, defense, manufacturing, and information and technology.

This is the first business summit ever held in the United States, and the purpose of the event is to promote bilateral trade and investment opportunities between American and Western Balkan governments and businesses, and exchange information and views relevant to strengthening economic relations.

The business summit is organized for government and business leaders from the United States and the Western Balkan countries. Invited prominent speakers and panelists will lead the discussion on pressing, topical and future issues in trade and investment opportunities, with ample time reserved for interaction with the audience. In addition, the business summit will provide an excellent to present industry-specific investment projects to American businesses and investors, and allow participants to meet and network with their counterparts.

Details of the summit venue and other related information will be published on the business summit website at: or contact Mendy Nitsch Director, International Affairs, Office of the Secretary of State,

US – Balkans Summit Flyer

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