Report Card Rates Maryland’s Infrastructure

As reported by, the Maryland Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers recently released its 2011 Report Card for Maryland’s Infrastructure.

Maryland’s aging and ill-maintained transit, roads, dams, bridges and storm water systems earned a barely passing grade of C-, according to the 2011 Report Card for Maryland’s Infrastructure prepared by the Maryland Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

No aspect of Maryland’s infrastructure earned a very good grade on the report card. Worst was the storm water system, which received a D. Transit and roads – as well as the drinking water infrastructure in the Baltimore area – received marks of C-, while dams and the Baltimore area’s wastewater system received Cs. The state’s bridges received a B-, the highest grade given.

Frank Kaul, president of the Maryland Section of ASCE, called the low grades unacceptable. Fifteen ASCE members spent more than eight months evaluating the different aspects of the state’s infrastructure, based on its capacity, the state’s needs, its level of resilience, and the availability of funding for it. If an aspect of infrastructure served its needs perfectly, was relatively new, and had dedicated funding available, Kaul said it would have received an A.

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