Harford County Establishes Banking & Finance Commission

MACo President and Harford County Executive David Craig announced this morning the creation of the Harford County Banking and Finance Commission.  The Commission, headed by former State Senator Donald Fry, consists of 22 members that are representative of the Harford County Baltimore area banking industry, real estate business, businesses, and economic development organizations.  Executive Craig stated:

“I am pleased to announce a Banking and Finance Commission to assist both county government and our business partners, in finding ways to improve business access to capital markets. BRAC has created a demand for housing and commercial development in Harford County as well as the Baltimore Metropolitan Region. The Banking and Finance Commission will be studying the regulatory banking practices that may be preventing businesses from accessing the capital they need to succeed in today’s economy.

Establishing a Banking and Finance Commission will help both Harford County and our surrounding neighbors take full advantage of the opportunities presented by BRAC, and identify barriers that are potentially stalling economic recovery in our region.”

Click here to view the tasks of the Commission, as well as a list of its membership.

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