No Changes To Prince George’s Zoning Laws

The Washington Post reports that Prince George’s County will not proceed with plans to rewrite the county’s subdivision regulations and zoning law.

The County Council recently told officials from the Prince George’s County Planning Department that its budget would be slashed by $3.8 million, from a proposed $38 million. The cuts included the money for the revisions.

The decision to delay the zoning changes came as a surprise to planners, who had scheduled meetings through the end of the year to finish work on the revisions. Council Chairman Thomas Dernoga (D-Laurel) did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the decision.

Planners said the changes would have shortened the time needed to get projects approved, made the process more transparent and allowed residents to participate more in shaping their communities.

For example, planners said, the new ordinance would require developers to meet with the public in an informal review before making an application before the Planning Board. F. Hamer Campbell Jr., director of government affairs for the Maryland-National Capital Building Industry Association, said builders have waited for years for the regulations to be updated and streamlined.

“We are disappointed they are not moving forward,” he said. “Now who knows when that will happen?”

The County’s Planning Department will resubmit zoning changes in January to the  new County Council.

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