Highlight your County Best Practices and Submit your Nominations for Smart Sites by July 2

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) opened nominations for a second round of Smart Sites today. Local municipal and county governments are eligible to nominate Smart Sites. This second round builds on the success of the initial 15 Smart Sites announced by Governor Martin O’Malley in June 2009. Smart Sites focus public and private investment and green building practices in projects that encourage smart growth and revitalization in existing Maryland communities.

“Focusing investment in Maryland’s great neighborhoods and existing communities is critical to achieve smarter growth in our State,” said Governor Martin O’Malley. “It is especially important in difficult economic times that we and our local partners focus on the best projects that can revitalize business districts, enhance transit hubs and encourage private investment in those communities that need it the most.”

“This designation is an opportunity to highlight Maryland Smart Growth best practices, innovative capital projects and the impact of aligning resources,” said DHCD Secretary Raymond A. Skinner. “We believe that Smart Site designations help promote these best practices and inspire more local governments to be part of this effort.”

Designated Smart Sites benefit from interagency review, technical assistance, promotion and outreach. While no specific funding source is associated with Smart Sites, state agency staff may provide technical assistance to identify public and private sources of project financing.

Smart Sites:

  • Strengthen public and private partnerships at the local level that leverage substantial private investment in appropriate growth and revitalization areas.
  • Educate about the range of exemplary growth and revitalization projects and partnerships in progress in communities throughout Maryland
  • Coordinate State, local and private investment in high impact projects in targeted areas, including BRAC zones, Transit-Oriented Development sites, Main Streets and Maryland Sustainable Communities.

While at different stages of project development, each of the Smart Sites designated in June 2009 has made substantial advances. The Smart Sites initiative highlights innovative State and local partnerships that catalyze economic development in appropriate areas throughout Maryland.

The deadline for submission of Smart Sites nominations is Friday, July 2 at 3:00 PM. More information, including the Smart Sites guidelines and nomination form click here.

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