Last Day of Session – County Issues Down To The Wire

On Monday, the last day of the General Assembly’s 2010 session, there remain a number of issues where the final outcome remains uncertain. This situation is not unusual, and most issues requiring final settlement will receive the attention they need, but the timing will likely pose a challenge for at least some of these topics.

A quick summary of the remaining major county issues is below:


The Bill(s): SB 310, HB 304
Where The Decision Rests: Conference Committee (Delegates Kaiser, Rice, Olzewski; Senators Kasemeyer, Robey, Brinkley)
What MACo seeks: As much useful new guidance as possible for the new MOE waiver system, delay in the effect of a “penalty” for missing MOE, reasonable timeline for county decisions


The Bill(s): HB 1344
Where The Decision Rests: Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee
What MACo seeks: MACo opposes the bill’s intrusion into local decision-making by automatically extending a wide range of local permits, and seeks an UNFAVORABLE report


The Bill(s): HB 1280
Where The Decision Rests: Senate Finance Committee
What MACo seeks: MACo believes that the House-amended bill is close to acceptable, but resists any move back toward the broad presumptions in the introduced bill


The Bill(s): HB 1318
Where The Decision Rests: Senate Finance Committee
What MACo seeks: MACo opposed the bill due to its specific effect on post-employment presumption cases, seeks those cases to be amended out, perhaps with study of related issues

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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