Public Investment Protection Act Introduced as a “Draft”

In her beginning remarks, Delegate Cheryl Glenn stated that HB 1317, Public Investment Protection Act, was introduced as a draft to generate discussion during the session and to be sent to summer study.   This bill would require employers that receive as little as $250,000 in State economic development subsidies to pay employees in a broad range of employment areas (construction, building, food, grocery, and hotel) the higher of a federal prevailing wage, State prevailing wage, or 130% of the minimum wage, plus supplemental payments for fringe benefits.  Employers would also be required to enter into collective bargaining agreements with labor unions and to hire construction workers through labor union hiring halls.

As indicated in MACo’s opposing testimony, HB 1317 has far- reaching policy and fiscal implications for local governments.  It also imposes an unfunded mandate.

Proponents said this bill is really about paying livable wages to employees and that they want to work with interested parties during the interim.   Stay tuned!

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