MACo Opposes Transportation Comment Bill

MACo Associate Director Les Knapp testified in opposition to HB 1377 before the House Environmental Matters Committee on March 17.  The bill, sponsored by Delegate Steve Lafferty, would require the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) to review local projects with potential regional impact, including comprehensive plans, site plan approvals, and subdivision approvals.

Mr. Knapp argued that the bill would create a costly and time-consuming process that is duplicative of the already existing process in place with the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP).  MDP is already charged with reviewing and commenting on local comprehensive plans, including transportation, and solicits input from MDOT.  Mr. Knapp noted that MDOT has ample opportunities to comment on local land use issues and transportation through the various boards, commissions, and task forces  in which MDOT participates.  Also, there is nothing currently prohibiting MDOT from directly commenting on a project to the affected local government.

MDOT also opposed the bill.

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