Senate Budget decisions pushed back one week

One the original published schedule, the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee was slated to be making its major decisions on budget issues. However, that process has been delayed one week to allow more items to be resolved.

According to the Maryland Reporter’s coverage:

Budget and Taxation Committee Chairman Ulysses Currie, D-Prince George’s, blamed February snow for the delay, and said his panel needs another week to go over the budget and decide about legislation that might affect it.

“Because of the snow, we really got behind. We only have one day for hearings, and all other committees have five,” Currie said, pointing out that budget committees need to spend the bulk of their time going over agency budgets.

Further on in that article, Committee Vice Chairman Ed Kasemeyer reflects on some bigger-picture issues still facing the committee:

House Majority Leader Ed Kasemeyer, D-Baltimore and Howard, vice chair of the full budget committee and chairman of its subcommittee on health, education and human resources, said there’s also discussion about cutting legislative spending mandates that drive up costs for programs such as higher education, K-12 education and health care.

“Some major things are still out there in terms of how we want to structure” spending, Kasemeyer said.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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