NACo Rx Discount Card – Free Really Means Free

Carroll County Commissioner and NACo Board member Julia Gouge believes, “…when the word ‘free’ is used, there is always a catch as to what is going to happen in the future, and whether or not the product will truly be free.” However, she has found the NACo Prescription Discount Program to be a welcome exception.

Commissioner Gouge is urging Maryland counties to follow her county’s lead and sign up for this NACo program. In letters to fellow county elected officials, Commissioner Gouge hails its merits:

Carroll County has been using the Prescription Card since November of 2005.  We signed up with NACo and Caremark, in order to have prescription cards available for anyone in need. This is card is not insurance, but can simply be used for a family to get discounts on prescriptions at their regular pharmacies.

The card can also be used for pet medications, particularly for pets on prolonged prescriptions. Another advantage of the prescription card is that people on maintenance drugs, can actually call the number printed on the card, and have the ability to save up to 50% on a prescription which comes to them by mail. It is also possible to use this card when in the “donut hole”, and helps senior citizens with their medications.

The prescription card is honored in pharmacies across the United States, where Caremark is used. For instance, when you are traveling, or find yourself in need of medication, the card can be utilized.

. . . Cards and posters are supplied by Caremark to the counties, for use in drug stores, senior centers, fire departments and libraries, wherever people may congregate. If you have a newsletter, or publication in which you could advertise, you will find there are hundreds of people that could use these cards, and use them well.

The process to sign up for the prescription card is not a difficult one, a contract will be sent directly to your county. Your county attorney may check for any legal issues you have concerns with, and once the contract is signed by the county commissioners or administrator, the process begins. After the contract is signed, it does not take long to get your supply of cards.

Contact NACo Director of Membership and Marketing, Andrew Goldschmidt, who created the RX Discount Program, for more information.

You might remember Andrew from our Summer Conferences, where he has been a registration volunteer for many years.  He has served on the NACo staff since 1998.

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