State Budget includes “flat funding” for most county aid

Details are still forthcoming, but at today’s press conference, and informal meetings, the Governor’s budget for FY 2011 is beginning to take shape. The major points for county governments are:

– Nearly every county aid program will be “flat funded” with each jurisdiction receiving the same funding as in finally adjusted FY 2010 budget

– Primary and secondary education programs, including the GCEI, will be fully funded, though the increase in school bus transportation will be limited to a lesser increase than by statute

-The disparity grant will be funded at its statutorily recalculated levels, meaning $24 million less than in FY 2010 (see MACo’s previous coverage for more background)

– The state will transfer $350 million from the Local Income Tax Reserve Fund (similarly employed last year), with a state-funded repayment to be detailed in BRFA legislation

Publicly available documents with more detail are here:
Budget Presentation
PowerPoint Document
Budget In Brief

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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