Board of Public Works Makes $360M in adjustments to FY 2010 budget

The Board of Public Works (BPW), at their November 18 meeting made changes of approximately $360 Million to the FY 2010 state budget.  This is the third round of cuts made by the  BPW in an attempt to address the continuing shortfall of revenues supporting the state’s FY 2010 budget.  Many state agencies as well as higher education will be affected by the cuts, though none proposed and voted on today were  in direct Aid to Local Governments.  MACo is in the process of determining whether local government services may feel the “pinch” from this latest round of cuts.  The BPW has made over $1 Billion in cuts to the FY 2010 budget.  See Summary.

MACo Executive Director, Michael Sanderson states in today’s Baltimore Sun that the cuts taken to local governments do raise the question about whether or not they exceed the statutory imposed limit of 25%.

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