MACo Raises Delegation and Funding Diversion Issues on BAT Septic System Bill

MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson requested amendments to legislation (HB 90) that would expand the use of the Bay Restoration Fund (BRF) to assist low income homeowners with operation and maintenance contracts for septic systems using best available technology for nitrogen removal (BAT). While supportive of the basic concept, MACo is concerned about the imposition of […]

Planning Secretary Requests Charles County to Reconsider Septic Tier Map

As previously reported on Conduit Street, Charles County recently approved a septic tier map different from that recommended by a work group assembled for the task.  The approved plan includes half of an  18,000-acre deferred development district in the Mattawoman Creek watershed in a tier allowing future growth on septic systems.  A March 27 article reported […]

Charles County Approves Septic Tier Map

As previously reported by Conduit Street, Charles County has formed a stakeholders work group make recommendations regarding the County’s comprehensive plan and propose a septic tier map.  A March 11 article reported that the County commissioners voted 3-2 to reject the septic map proposed by the work group and instead adopted an alternate proposal that would classify half […]

Charles County Workgroup Grapples With Septic Tier Map, TDR Reform

A February 21 article provided an update on the ongoing meetings of Charles County workgroup tasked with creating a new septic tier map and comprehensive plan map.  Currently the workgroup is focused on septic tiers and creating a workable transfer of development rights (TDR) program.  The article indicated that the workgroup had much discussion over how to handle development that […]

House Committee Hears MACo Initiative Legislation on Septic System Hookups

MACo and county representatives testified with the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) on legislation (HB 11) that would allow monies from the septic system account of the Bay Restoration Fund (BRF) to be used to connect failing septic systems to wastewater treatment plants even if the systems were located outside of a priority funding area.  Before the monies would […]

Charles County Creates Workgroup to Develop Comprehensive Plan & Septic Tiers

A January 7 article reported the Charles County Commissioners voted 3-2 to create a six member workgroup that will make recommendations on the County’s proposed comprehensive plan update and create a septic tier map for the County.  As previously reported by Conduit Street, the County’s plan update has been controversial, provoking strong reactions from both proponents and […]

MDP Creates Online Septics Law Training Course

In a November 12 press release the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) announced that it was launching a new online training course for local planning commissioners regarding the implementation of the Sustainable Growth and Agricultural Preservation Act of 2012 (the septic system legislation).  From the press release:  The training covers the basics of four different growth tiers, which […]

Frederick County Announces Agreement on Septic Tier Map

A February 15 Frederick News-Post article announces an agreement between Frederick County and the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) over the county’s septic system growth tier map.  As previously reported by Conduit Street, MDP had raised concerns with the county’s initial map.  Under the Sustainable Growth and Agricultural Preservation Act of 2012 (SB 236), a county may adopt a […]

Septic Implementation Debate Continues with Public Hearings

The Gazette reports on continuing discussion regarding county implementation of the septic tiers required under the Sustainable Growth and Agricultural Preservation Act of 2012. That legislation, most commonly referenced as the “septics bill,” was passed to require local governments seeking to authorize certain levels of development outside public sewer service to designate specific tiers for […]