NACo Spearheads Nationwide Healthy Communities Challenge

6 interactive stories give a synopsis of the efforts made by 20 communities across the country to improve health and food equity. 

The National Association of Counties (NACo) in partnership with the Aetna Foundation, the American Public Health Association, and Healthy Places by Design launched a $2M grant initiative with the goal of reducing health disparities in chronic disease outcomes. Using lessons from the 2016 Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge, the program sought to improve access to food and health services across 20 communities in just two years.

The flexibility of the request for proposals allowed each location to tailor their application to the unique and specific needs of their community. From the article:

The strategies, partnerships and initiatives that need to be activated to achieve health equity must be responsive to the intersection of each community’s racial, economic, educational and other social factors.

The website offers a brief and quantifiable explanation of the efforts each location was able to make over the two year project window. From Rochester, NY to Collier County, Florida each community brought a fresh approach to the pervasive problems many communities face when ensuring equitable access the healthy food and preventative health services.