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Testimony will once again be given virtually this year. The House will hear bills virtually for the full Session and the Senate is planning to be virtual through February 11, with in-person hearings starting February 14. This post serves as an easy index for everything you need to submit testimony in 2022.

The information covered in this post is subject to change at any time. We’ll update it to the best of our abilities, but PLEASE double-check on the MGA site itself – witness and testimony guidelines can be found on the individual committee pages indexed below.



Anyone submitting testimony – oral/written/both/letter of info – must have an individual myMGA account. There does not seem to be a way to have an organizational account to submit testimony for multiple staffers within an organization, but we’ll update this post if we learn otherwise.

The MGA has put out several helpful video tutorials for the myMGA platform, but we definitely recommend these:

You’ll need to set up an account and confirm your account via a link sent to your email. If you already have an account, be sure to go in and edit it to include your contact info, especially your organization name.* Once your account is set up, you’ll be able to go into your account, click Witness Signup, and proceed through the options there to sign up for a hearing.

*including your organization name is important because some committees will pick witnesses based on their organizational affiliation and the constituent representation that organization provides.


Hearings will be streamed via YouTube. Witnesses giving oral testimony will participate through a Zoom link.

Witnesses can listen along to the hearing in YouTube and join the Zoom waiting room, but when you’re let into the hearing, CLOSE (not just minimize, CLOSE) THE YOUTUBE WINDOW IMMEDIATELY. This is very important – if you leave up the YouTube window once you’re unmuted in Zoom, there will be audio feedback and it will be annoying. An annoyed audience is not a receptive audience.

Download Zoom in advance.

Subscribe to these YouTube links now, so you can access them quickly when you need to:

Senate YouTube Links: B&T | EHE | FIN | JPR

House YouTube Links: APP | ECM | ENT |HGO |JUD | W&M


These processes may change with no notice, so please double-check each Committee’s specific requirements on the MGA page.

Senate Committee Session Protocols and Guidelines   |     House Committee Session Protocols and Guidelines

You can view those Committee specifications at the links below:

SENATE COMMITTEES and Witness Guidelines: B&T | EHE | FIN | JPR

HOUSE COMMITTEES and Witness Guidelines: APP | ECM | ENT | HGO | JUD | W&M


Continued this year is the two-business-day deadline for submitting testimony. Annapolis veterans are used to submitting testimony up to a couple of hours before the scheduled hearing. Again this year, for all committees, there is a window of time to submit testimony two days before the hearing.

Most committees will send the zoom link for oral testimony the night before the hearing. This link cannot be shared. Some committees are doing Q&A at the end of each bill hearing, while others are asking questions of each witness.


Check out MACo’s chart compiling all of the information above:

Suggestions or corrections? Contact Victoria Maas.

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