Aging in Place Bill Moves with Amendments

Old CoupleHB 498 – Department of Aging – Grants for Aging-in-Place Programs – Funding has passed second reading on the House floor with amendments.

The bill as introduced increased funding for local aging efforts by requiring the Governor to appropriate at least $1 million annually for state grants to support aging-in-place programs. It also set requirements that limited its use by mandating that 10% of the annual appropriation be used to support senior villages –- a restriction counties argued was unwarranted.

MACo supported with amendments that would provide flexibility to the grant funds by authorizing rather than requiring a portion of the funding be used for senior villages to help ensure that grants awarded to county agencies are able to address the unique needs in each county. MACo’s amendments were not adopted.

The amendments proposed by the committee and adopted on the House floor reduce the proposed annual appropriation from $1 million to $100,000 and mandate that 20% of the appropriation be used to support senior villages.

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