Boost Your Retirement with Nationwide’s Auto Increase

auto increase overviewNationwide Retirement Solutions (NRS) announced an easier way to contribute to your retirement fund with Auto Increase. Starting February 8, 2016, Nationwide Retirement Solutions participants will be able to use this new feature.

Auto Increase is an option that allows participants to automatically increase their contributions by a set amount on a set date each year. It’s an easy way to incrementally increase contributions over time, helping them potentially reach a goal that may otherwise seem unreachable.

Auto Increase joins auto rebalancing, paperless delivery, online beneficiary designations, My Interactive Retirement Planner and Nationwide ProAccount as the latest in a series of features that can make participation in your Deferred Compensation Plan easy and automatic.

For more information, contact your Nationwide representative or visit NRS online. Nationwide Retirement Solutions is a MACo Gold Corporate Partner.

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