Reduce the Risk and Lessen the Loss with this #MACoCon Academy Core Course

Government officials are often faced with situations that could result in harm or loss for citizens or the government body.

Reduce and control loss exposure by sharpening your risk awareness.
Sharpen your risk awareness to reduce and control loss.

Identifying, controlling, or sometimes preventing these situations are all important functions of local government. Fireworks displays can become dangerous events if not regulated. Buildings and roads can fail and cause accidents if not properly maintained. Internet usage can cause data breaches or viruses to infect county networks if the proper fail-safes and training are not in place. But all of these situations can be avoided, with awareness of the risks and the resources to handle them.

MACo’s Winter Conference will feature a number of courses from the Academy for Excellence in Local Governance, including the Core Course: Basics of Risk Management.

Details on this session are as follows:

Basics of Risk Management
One of the main responsibilities of local governments is to protect its residents from risk to themselves and their property. Risk may result from a number of sources, including fire, crime, automobile accidents, harm to the infrastructure, or as a result of waste disposal. This class is designed to sharpen the awareness of officials that local government activities are subject to risks that may result in significant loss. Through learning about steps to reduce and control loss exposure, and tools for identifying hazards, government officials can learn how to avoid the consequences of taking unnecessary risks.


  • Larry Bohlen, Director, Field Services, Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT)
  • Dick Furst, Senior Loss Control Manager, Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015; 1:15 pm – 2:45 pm

Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort, Cambridge, MD

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