Prince George’s County Council to Consider Allowing Referendum on Term Limits

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The Prince George’s County Council is considering whether to allow a referendum on the ballot in the coming election to repeal term limits for the county executive and council members. This issue was raised by a commission during a periodic review of the county’s charter.  The commission plans to recommend a ballot measure to allow members to serve up to three consecutive terms, an approach it believes is more palatable to voters.

Voters have very differing views on term limits. As reported by the Washington Post:

Opponents of term limits say that they deny voters the opportunity to reelect politicians they like; create an experience void in county government by pushing out knowledgeable lawmakers; and disrupt the legislative process.

But those who favor term limits say they are still needed to prevent incumbents from becoming entrenched and beholden to those who finance their campaigns.

The Council must decide by July whether term limits will be on the ballot. The Council could endorse  the commission’s recommendation to extend term limits to three terms, propose repealing term limits, or not take any action in this area.