MACo Meets with US Census Bureau Governments Division

census picMACo held a meeting yesterday with two statisticians from the US Census Bureau’s Governments Division.  The Census representatives shared their data on Maryland’s local governments and discussed ways to better coordinate survey efforts with MACo.  MACo shared data from the MACo’s annual salary survey, and annual budget and tax rate survey.

The Census is tracking the types governments services offered by counties, the number of county government employees, government revenues and expenditures, and pension data.  A summary sheet of their data for Maryland reports $25.5 billion in revenues, and $23.9 billion in expenditures for Maryland’s county and municipal governments in 2007. The sheet also includes overall pension, and public school financial data for Maryland.

MACo will be adding additional information from the Census Bureau to the MACo Research Page.  In the meantime, for more information, see the US Census Bureau Federal State and Local Governments Page.