New Transportation Dollars to be Split Evenly Between Roads and Transit

As reported by the Gazette, transportation officials state that the $4.4 billion in new transportation revenue will be split evenly between road and transit projects. From the article:

The final list of projects funded under the new law will come out with the state’s Consolidated Transportation Program in early September, said Erin Henson, spokeswoman for Maryland’s Department of Transportation.

When it comes to roads and transit priorities, the state looks to fund both about 50-50, she said.

Henson said the state meets with each jurisdiction to understand what projects are a priority and works to fund those.

Of the approximate $1.9 billion in transportation projects that have been announced so far, slightly more will fund transit.  However, the high cost of projects in urban areas affects the distribution.

The cost of transit creates a disparity between the priorities, Sen. Richard F. Colburn said.

Colburn (R-Dist. 37) of Cambridge said that while the gas tax was intended to fund road and bridge projects, it now also subsidizes transit.

Even with the inflation in the new law, Colburn said the state will struggle to fund road and bridge projects in the future.