Cecil Council Considers “Hire Local” Bill

As reported in the Cecil Whig, Cecil County Council President Robert Hodge wants to promote the use of Cecil County companies to provide products, services and/or employees for construction projects valued at more than $250,000.  As described by Councilman Hodge,

“I want companies who bid on construction projects to show us they made a good faith effort to hire local business and employees,” Hodge said. “This only mandates a good faith effort.” . . . “The bidder would have to show us they made a good faith effort in their bid,” Hodge replied, indicating the county could show a preference to a firm that made a good faith effort over one that didn’t, if their prices were the same.

The plan met with legal cautions from County Attorney Jason Allison, who said, “This could be subject to a legal challenge,” as reported.

For more information, see the full story from the Cecil Whig.