Bill Promoting College Readiness Proceeds to House

The House Ways & Means Education Subcommittee discussed the College Readiness and Completion Act of 2013 today.  The bill passed out of the Senate on March 25.  The bill, SB740, would establish a number of requirements aimed at increasing college readiness and completion in the State, including encouraging dual-enrollment of qualified high school students at local community colleges.

As amended by the Senate, the legislation directs that for public high school students who are dually-enrolled in public universities or community college, the county board would pay up to 75% of the costs of their enrollments at public universities or community colleges.  Under current law, community colleges charge tuition for dually-enrolled students.

As described by the Department of Legislative Services analysis,

Local community college tuition revenues decrease by a total of at least $390,969 beginning in fiscal2014 due to the prohibition against charging dually enrolled students tuition . . . and the calculation for charging local school systems for dually enrolled students as described below; however, any tuition revenue decrease for an individual student may be offset by additional students dually enrolling due to no tuition being charged them.
For more information on the predicted effect on community community college revenues, see the chart provided in the fiscal note.  The House Ways & Means Committee will likely vote on the bill tomorrow.