Septics Debate Continues In Senate

The Maryland Senate currently has the Administration’s “septics bill” (that clearly has far more to do with land use policy than water quality) on the floor, with MACo standing among a coalition of stakeholders opposing the bill as reported from the Senate Committee.

From coverage in the

Gov. Martin O’Malley’s controversial bill to control septic systems was brought to the Senate floor Tuesday, with opponents planning to offer a series of amendments.

The Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee approved the 33-page legislation Friday on a 7-4 vote, with Sen. Ed Reilly, R-Anne Arundel, calling it a move to “centralized planning.”

“I anticipate there will be a dozen or so amendments,” said Sen. Paul Pinksy, D-Prince George’s, the sponsor of the bill, who admitted the bill is “complicated.”

MACo anticipates a number of discussion points and amendments will be offered to the bill, and the heightened attention increases the likelihood of procedural delays in the bill’s consideration (as a bill is “special ordered” – meaning it’s skipped and made into a special order of business for a future time).

MACo has opposed the bill as it sits on the Senate floor, but remains deeply engaged with the Administration and numerous other stakeholders in seeking to amend many of the bill’s provisions.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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