Frederick County Receives Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report

The Frederick County Office of Environmental Sustainability presented the County Board of Commissioners with a report on the county’s greenhouse gas emission levels last week. The Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report, the first for the county,  accounted for greenhouse gas and pollution emissions attributed to human activities county-wide.  In a press release Frederick County Board of Commissioners President Jan Gardner stated,

“Developing a greenhouse gas inventory is a critical step in understanding the impact our activities have on the environment. Coupled with the data on energy consumption compiled for the county’s Draft Comprehensive Energy Plan, we have a robust baseline for comparing future performance and tracking progress of energy conservation initiatives and emission reduction strategies.”

Amongst the findings, it was reported that county government operations accounted for only 2% of the total community emissions.  This is below the regional average of 3-4%. For more information click here to read the full Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report.

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