Senate Vote on Water Bill Collections – as close as they come

As previously reported here, SB 158 was essentially defeated on the floor of the Senate by a motion to “postpone indefinitely,” a rarely-used non-debatable motion requiring a majority vote. The full vote is now available online.

MACo had opposed the bill, even in the amended form coming from the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, raising concern with the effectiveness of collections if the potential for tax sale were removed from the collection process. As the final motion was made, the Senate was considering local amendments to “opt out” from the effects of the bill.

MACo offers its thanks to the 24 Senators who supported the motion to postpone and defeat this bill:

Voting Yea – 24
Mr. President Currie Glassman Kittleman Pipkin
Astle DeGrange Haines Kramer Reilly
Brinkley Dyson Harris McFadden Robey
Colburn Edwards Jacobs Middleton Stoltzfus
Conway Gladden Kasemeyer Munson

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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