Renewable Energy Grants Available to Counties-Identify your project by March 26

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) has received significant funding through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) to promote clean, affordable, and reliable energy.  As part of this initiative, MEA has set aside a  portion of this funding to promote the installation of renewable energy systems on public buildings in Maryland through Project Sunburst.  Counties can complete and submit a Project Identification Form to MEA to begin the process for consideration of the funds.

This is a great opportunity for Maryland counties to further their green agenda at virtually no cost.  There is no upfront capital investment and the the County would be buying clean energy at or below existing electricity rates.  There is a short application window with Project Identification Forms due to MEA by March 26.  For more information about the program-Project Sunburst- as well as to access the project identification form and instructions go to Project Sunburst.

In general, the steps to partner with MEA on this program are:

1. Determine if county buildings qualify
2. Submit application to MEA by March 26
3. Sign partnership agreement with MEA
4. Issue RFP by May 14
5. Sign contract with solar developer for installation and financing

Technical Assistance is available to counties in the application process, through both MEA and affiliated contractors.

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