Presentation Explains Pension Funding Plan Passed by the House

A recent presentation by the Department of Legislative Services provides further explanation of the pension funding proposal adopted by the Maryland House of Delegates last night. As described in the presentation, Under the House proposal, the pension fund is projected to reach the 80% funding level by fiscal 2023, the original goal established by the […]

Post Editorial Critiques State Pension Move

The Maryland legislature is currently considering a proposal from the Department of Legislative Services that would alter the way the State funds its employee pension system while freeing up additional funds for the current budget year.  A recent editorial from the Washington Post critiques the proposal and asserts potential long-term negative effects on the pension system. From […]

Maryland Legislature Considers New Pension Funding Proposal

The General Assembly is weighing a proposal to change funding for the State Pension System that could provide additional funding for other parts of the budget over the next few years. The proposal would end the plan to reinvest savings from recent benefit reductions, but would accommodate a repeal of Maryland’s highly criticized corridor funding method in […]

Recommendation Repeals State Pension’s Corridor Funding Method and Supplemental Contribution

In a new analysis, the Department of Legislative Services is recommending a provision be added to HB 72, the Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act of 2015 to repeal the corridor funding method and the required supplemental contribution adopted a few years ago to assist with achieving full actuarial funding of the State Retirement and Pension System (SRPS). The […]

State Pension System Status Triggers Debate

A debate over the State Retirement and Pension System’s funding was covered recently in the Maryland Reporter. An article by Charlie Hayward of the Reporter states, The Maryland State Retirement System suffers from chronic underfunding—facing an actuarial shortfall for existing participants of $19.6 billion as of July 1, 2014. Fixing the shortfall will require decades of contributions’ discipline […]

Teacher Pensions Continue To Pressure State, School Budgets

According to a budget analysis prepared by the Department of Legislative Services, the normal costs of the Maryland Teachers’ Pension System next year will be higher than initially forecast when cost-sharing was enacted by the legislature three years ago.  The cost level next year is especially relevant to local governments because in fiscal 2017, the full normal […]

New Governor Faces Underfunded State Pension System

As reported in the Baltimore Sun, Maryland’s state employee pension system is adding to budget pressures that the new Governor, Larry Hogan, will confront in his first year in office.  As described, The $45.4 billion system, which provides monthly benefits to about 143,000 retired teachers, state police, judges and other former employees, is expected to gobble up […]

Joint Committee on Pensions Reviews 2015 Legislative Proposals

In its most recent meeting, Maryland’s Joint Committee on Pensions reviewed legislation proposed by the Board of Trustees of the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System. Under current law, members of the State Retirement and Pension System may receive additional creditable service for unused sick leave at the time of their retirement. One of the Board’s proposals […]

Report Recommends Making State Pension Membership Optional for Elected and Appointed Officials

Some county governments participate in the State of Maryland’s Employees’ Pension System.  A new report from the State Retirement Agency studies the issue of optional membership for elected and appointed official in the Employees’ Pension System.  With some exceptions, membership in the System is mandatory for elected and appointed officials who were elected or appointed […]

Maryland’s Governor-elect Hogan Will Not Continue Private Pensions Task Force

The incoming governor said he will not extend the life of a task force created to recommend whether to set up a pension system for private-sector employees, according to a report by the Daily Record. Governor O’Malley created the Task Force to Ensure Retirement Security for All Marylanders in an Executive Order this past spring. The […]